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Art Tutorial: How to Hang a Painting

One question I often get asked as an artist is: "How do you hang your paintings?" To answer this question, I teamed up with Professional Art Installer, Alan Clark (@alancinstall), to create a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to hang a painting!

Here's what you'll need:

-2 D-rings

-2 Art Hooks

-2 Nails

-Electric Drill



Step 1: Turn the painting around to its frame

Step 2: Measure down ⅓ of the painting

Step 3: "Kick in" the D-ring by turning it toward the back frame

Step 4: Take a power drill and attach the D-ring using one screw

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 on the opposite side of the frame

Step 6: Turn the painting around so that the frame faces the wall

Step 7: Measure and mark 60 in. from the floor to the wall

Step 8: Measure the height of the painting

Step 9: Take ½ of the painting's height and place it at the 60 in. mark

Step 10: Find the center of the wall by taking the wall's full length measurement and then mark the halfway point

Step 11: Measure the distance between the D-ring to the top of the painting

Step 12: Take the measurement from Step 11 and measure down from the top painting mark

Step 13: Take the center mark and bring it down to determine the middle of the painting

Step 14: Measure the distance between the attached D-rings

Step 15: Take ½ of the D-ring distance measurement from Step 14 and mark it on the wall from the center mark

Step 16: Measure the length between the floor to the center mark

Step 17: Mark both the left and right sides of the center mark to create hardware marks

Step 18: Line up the hardware with the center of the hardware marks

Step 19: Hammer in the hardware to the wall with a nail

Step 20: Attach the D-rings onto the hooks (have your partner attach their side first and then attach your side)

And you're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Be sure to check out the full-length video on my YouTube channel:

If you're located in the Southern California area, and are looking for an Art Installer, I highly recommend Alan Clark!

You can contact him at and follow him on Instagram @alancinstall



Krista Schumacher is a palette knife oil painter based in La Jolla, California.  Schumacher was awarded Southwest Art Magazine's "Top 21 Under 31" and was the 2018 Launchpad Artist for Art San Diego.

Schumacher received her graduate degree from the School of Art + Art History at the University of Florida.

Follow Krista on Instagram and Facebook.

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