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Art Tutorial: How to Hang a Painting

One question I often get asked as an artist is: "How do you hang your paintings?" To answer this question, I teamed up with Professional Art Installer, Alan Clark (@alancinstall), to create a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to hang a painting!

Here's what you'll need:

-2 D-rings

-2 Art Hooks

-2 Nails

-Electric Drill



Step 1: Turn the painting around to its frame

Step 2: Measure down ⅓ of the painting

Step 3: "Kick in" the D-ring by turning it toward the back frame

Step 4: Take a power drill and attach the D-ring using one screw

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 on the opposite side of the frame

Step 6: Turn the painting around so that the frame faces the wall

Step 7: Measure and mark 60 in. from the floor to the wall

Step 8: Measure the height of the painting

Step 9: Take ½ of the painting's height and place it at the 60 in. mark

Step 10: Find the center of the wall by taking the wall's full length measurement and then mark the halfway point

Step 11: Measure the distance between the D-ring to the top of the painting

Step 12: Take the measurement from Step 11 and measure down from the top painting mark

Step 13: Take the center mark and bring it down to determine the middle of the painting

Step 14: Measure the distance between the attached D-rings

Step 15: Take ½ of the D-ring distance measurement from Step 14 and mark it on the wall from the center mark

Step 16: Measure the length between the floor to the center mark

Step 17: