Coastal California is an original palette knife oil painting completed by mother, daughter artists, Kathy and Krista Schumacher. By highlighting their respective styles, Kathy and Krista painted in unison to create a dynamic final masterpiece. Through contrasting texture and vibrant color, the painting captures the essence of the Southern California coastline.


The heavy-textured strokes of the ocean’s movement direct our eyes into a serene coastal cove. Hugged by the iconic Sea Lavender flowers, the viewer finds a pleasant contrast between the smaller pointillistic strokes of the flowers and the broad markings of the ocean. The color of the flowers are balanced by the ocean’s lavender highlights. As the viewer moves their eyes upward, they are greeted with the rugged markings of towering cliffs. Palm trees are carved from the cliffs and reach towards the peach sky. The signature peach coloring is reflected back into the water, creating a perfect circle of harmony. Through sharing their creative bond, Kathy and Krista Schumacher created a truly unique and exceptional work of art.


Painting Details:

  • Oil on canvas
  • 40 x 70 inches (Canvas Size)
  • 42 x 74 inches (Framed Size)
  • Framed in silver leaf floater
  • Completed by: Kathy & Krista Schumacher
  • $9,875
  • Price includes sales tax and shipping expenses within the continental US. Please contact for an international shipping quote.

Coastal California, 40"x72"