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A commission by Krista Schumacher is not only a unique process but an exquisite adventure. During a commission, Krista concentrates on infusing the client's vision with hers; creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. This opportunity incorporates one-on-one collaboration and direct communication with artist Krista Schumacher to create exclusive work. 

Inspiration for commissions generally comes from previous works completed by Schumacher, or inspired by the client's own photographs. Schumacher only accepts landscape or abstract commissions.  All commissions will be painted in Schumacher’s signature palette knife style with oil paints.

Typically, Schumacher begins the commission process by viewing the home or commercial space in person or virtually. Then, she will make recommendations for the space, taking into consideration sizing, color, and subject. Photoshop is routinely used to virtually stage ideas for clients considering commissions and a “prototype” painting may be drafted before attempting the final piece.  The final design is a bedazzlement to both the artist and client. 


Commission sizes are customizable to accommodate your space, design, and vision. The table below lists some of our most popular sizes, but commissions can be smaller or larger. Prices include our exclusive warm silver leaf floater frame. A frame will add approximately 2 inches to the total width and height. 

Untitled design.jpg

Krista Schumacher commissions can be shipped worldwide. Contact for a custom shipping quote. For medium sized commission paintings (720 sq. in. to 1200 sq. in.), shipping within the continental United States of America is $550. For large sized commission paintings (1201 sq. in. - 2304 sq. in) shipping within the continental United States of America is $850. For paintings that exceed 2304 sq. in., please contact us for shipping price via email at Local delivery and installation for clients living in Southern California is included. 

The commission turnaround time is typically 3-4 months. In order to be added to the commission waitlist, a 50% deposit is needed. Depending on the scope and scale of the project, the deposit is fully refundable at any point, and can either be canceled by Schumacher or the client. There is a commission price minimum of $4,000, regardless of desired size. To see previous commission examples, click here.

Pricing & Sizing


Krista Schumacher's beautiful oil paintings can be virtually staged in your home before you make a purchase. With virtual staging, you can see how a painting will look in your space and ensure that it fits perfectly with your style.

To take advantage of this free service, simply select a painting (or multiple) from Krista's portfolio and send us a few photos of the room where you plan to display it, along with at least one measurement (from furniture, tape on the wall, etc) for reference. Our team will create a realistic, to-scale, representation of the painting in your space. This service is perfect for commission inquiries, as we'll work with you to adjust the size, angle, and lighting until it's just right. 

If you're not sure which painting to choose, our team can help. We're happy to make recommendations based on the room's color palette, style, and overall ambiance. We want to make sure you find the perfect piece of art to enhance your space. 

Virtual staging is an excellent way to visualize how Krista's art will transform your home. It's available for all of Krista's paintings, so you can confidently choose the perfect piece to enhance your space. Click here to see our available paintings and see how Krista's art can bring beauty and warmth to your home.

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Virtual Staging


Krista Schumacher is making a name for herself in the specialized world of large-scale works and corporate commissions. She has been sought out to work alongside a wide variety of corporations including Paramount Studios,  Louis Vuitton, and many more. 

Scroll through our commercial booklet below or click here to get inspired!