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Desert Oasis

Oil on Canvas

Krista & Kathy Schumacher

2022 Mother, Daughter Painting

We are beyond excited to share our 2022 Mother-Daughter painting Desert Oasis with you! With our combined talent & passion, this vibrant painting captures the electric energy of the colorful desert landscape of  Palm Springs.

This year, we are offering 25 signed limited edition prints of our 2022 Mother-Daughter painting.



Krista & Kathy Schumacher are a mother-daughter duo of professional palette knife oil painters. While using the same painting method, but bringing their own unique qualities, the pair annually co-creates one dynamic masterpiece. This highly-anticipated yearly event engages both their East and West Coast collectors for the grand reveal celebration. Krista and Kathy continue to share their art – and life – journeys together.

Kathy Schumacher is nationally recognized for her distinctive palette knife style. Originally from Wisconsin, Schumacher proudly served as an Air Force wife and bounced around the globe, while raising her two children. Once her kids left for college, she discovered an innate talent and heartfelt passion for oil painting. Her mid-life discovery evolved into a professional career.

Kathy is primarily a self-taught artist, citing an instinctive flair for painting. Initially, her art career began in traditional oil painting using brushes, but eventually she developed her own style using palette knives. Her novel approach is recognizable in any subject she chooses to paint: vibrant colors, energetic strokes, and multidimensional attributes. Florida-based Schumacher derives her inspiration from her natural surroundings.

Krista Schumacher is a professional oil painter and owner of Krista Schumacher Art Gallery in La Jolla, CA. Her palette knife paintings are easily recognized for their use of heavy-texture and bold colors to emphasize nature’s spontaneity and beauty in a modern, abstract way. Growing up as a military brat, Schumacher moved often until her family settled along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. At 16, Krista’’s interest in art began when her mother took a painting class. Eager to be just like her mother, Krista started her art journey.

When Krista moved to La Jolla in 2017, she decided to focus full-time on painting, releasing her debut palette knife collection. Public response to her artwork exceeded her dreams. Schumacher was awarded Southwest Art Magazine's "Top 21 Under 31" and was the Launchpad Artist for Art San Diego. She has collaborated with numerous corporations including Paramount Studios and Hilton, held multiple solo exhibitions, and has gained a rapidly growing collector base.

Krista & Kathy’s mother-daughter bond resonates through their collaborative works and within their individual collections. Their hyper-positivity and vivacious energy shine through in each of their paintings. With a large collector base across the United States and internationally, this mother-daughter team is one to watch. They have made a career out of their passion, love what they do, and revel in seeing their art bring joy to others.

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