Coastal California 72 x 40.jpg

Coastal California is an original palette knife oil painting completed by mother, daughter artists, Kathy and Krista Schumacher. By highlighting their respective styles, Kathy and Krista painted in unison to create a dynamic final masterpiece. Through contrasting texture and vibrant color, the painting captures the essence of the Southern California coastline.

kathy krista new.png

Kathy + Krista Schumacher are a mother-daughter duo who both are professional oil painters.  Their mother-daughter bond is infectious, and their hyper-positivity and energy is evident in their palette knife oil paintings. Even though miles apart, with Kathy based in Destin, FL, and Krista based in La Jolla, CA, they continuously collaborate and exhibit together. With a growing collector base across the United States and internationally, this mother-daughter team is one to watch.  In 2019, Ferrari of San Diego hosted their first ever mother-daughter exhibition. They have made a career out of their passion, love what they do, and revel in seeing their art bring joy to others.


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